Having our full focus on Palm Oil Mill Industry (POM or Pabrik Kelapa Sawit in Bahasa), Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd is one of the fluid power distribution companies in Malaysia that specializes in providing products, services and information on hydraulic, filtration and palm oil mill automation to the palm oil milling industry.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd is regarded as a highly professional and experienced palm oil milling company which provides our services and products in the areas of palm oil milling process, palm oil mill design (eg. Indexer System, Vertical Steriliser, Tilting Steriliser, CMC System, ) palm oil mill equipment and hydraulic for palm oil mill to the palm oil industry. Our expertise in this sector has brought up to many technical products being designed and manufactured by our company to meet with our customers' requirements as well as serving to the latest technological advancement.

Our company has a team of professional engineers and technicians who handle all the related tasks of design, develop and manufacture of hydraulic, filtration and other industrial components. Each of the product development stages are carried out under stringent quality control as to deliver superior quality and reliable products to our customers.

As to handle all related tasks and projects pertaining to palm oil milling process efficiently, our technical staffs are highly knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with any equipment and components for palm oil process.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd is also well known as a hydraulic and automation system integrator. We fabricate palm oil mill hydraulic system (eg. hydraulic winch, transfer carriage hydraulic system, FFB conveyor hydraulic system, cage tipper hydraulic system, loading ramp hydraulic system, screw press hydraulic system and moving floor hydraulic system) and supply an array of hydraulic valves and pumps equipment for palm oil industry as well as other related fields.

We ensure that our company has sufficient inventory as to be able to cope with the sales demand from our customers. This allows our customers to obtain their required products within a short period as not to delay any of their process.

Our company only uses genuine part in our service and maintenance for our customers' equipment. All of our products are from the well established leader of Fluid Power industry, and Novaflow Engineering is appointed EATON Industries SEA as Authorized POM After Sales Services Distributor.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd has a strong network of associates around the region which enable us to provide more value added services to our customers effectively. We are always committed to provide our best products, services and solutions to our customers from the palm oil industry.