Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysian fluid power distribution companies, providing products, services and information in hydraulics, filtration, and related industrial components, serving both the recognized as one of the aggressive companies in the industry and focus heavily in Palm Oil industry (POM).

Our strong internal technical and together with associate partners across the region enables us to provide both engineered products and value added service to valued customers.

Trained Quality Technical and Sales Engineer

Our engineers and technical support staff work as team and have a strong commitment towards top quality service for valued customers.

Strategic Inventory Planning

Our inventory is geared to handle volume after Sales Service and Project in Palm Oil Mill industry. This enables to serve our valued customer urgent needs.

Genuine Replacement Part

All products are from well establish leader in Fluid Power industry, having appointed by EATON Industries SEA as Authorized POM After Sales Services Distributor.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd specializes in fluid power source in palm oil mill and providing quality equipment and components such of hydraulic cylinder (hidrolik cylinder in Bahasa), hydraulic valve (hidrolik valve in Bahasa), hydraulic pump (hidrolik pompa in Bahasa), filtration, accumulator, and other related products.

Our company has developed great expertise in the area of palm oil mill by assisting our customers in their palm oil milling process and palm oil processing. We distribute a wide range of advanced technological products with the aim to achieve greater efficiency throughout the palm oil milling industrial process.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd has gained much reputation in the palm oil mill industry (POM) since our company’s establishment with the contributions of our innovative products and services as a trusted accumulator supplier. The products distributed by Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd are from reputed manufacturers with great brand names such as Eaton Hydraulic, Char-Lynn, Aeroquip, Nihon Spindle, Hydrokraft, Vickers, WalterScheid, Linde, Olaer and many other reputable brands.

At Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd, we understand the importance of supplying equipment for the palm oil milling process to support a well-designed mill. The mill equipment and machinery has to be taken care well as to keep their breakdown capacity to the lowest. Knowing this fact, our company not only supply durable and efficient equipment but also excellent service on maintenance and repairs on the equipment that we supply to our customers. Our technical team is highly knowledgeable and committed to provide extensive after sales services, maintenance and repair on our products supplied as to attain customers’ satisfactions though our professional services.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd is continue to strive to become the pioneer in the distribution of machinery and equipment such as hydraulic systems, cylinder, filtration systems, accumulators, valves, etc for the utilization in the palm oil milling process. We supply our products to our customers throughout the region and we shall maintain a cutting edge within the distribution of our products and services. Our company shall be always on the move to support and assist our customers in their needs for equipment and machinery relating to palm oil processing.

Working closely with our customers is always our first priority at Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd because only that we are able to portray and be a reliable supplier within the industry. We shall continue to improve and diversify our business as to meet with our customers’ expectations and satisfactions.