Industrial Clutches and Brakes (2)

Eaton’s Airflex items are widely acclaimed in the ventures that utilization its items including mining, marine, paper, metalworking, oil and gas, can fabricating, clothing, logging, move frame and granulating.

Connector (2)

With an extensive variety of items in light of a past filled with advancement, Eaton Connectors are ensured to make the correct association, every last time.


Accessible in standard or exceptionally designed models, Eaton mechanical chambers brag unmatched quality, assortment and components to address the issues of the most requesting applications around
the globe.

Dynamic Machine Control

Eaton is changing the way individuals configuration, assemble and work versatile and modern machines. Perceive how we're engaging not quite recently better machine control, but rather unique machine

Electronic Controls & Software (2)

Eaton’s full line of electronic items and programming covers the necessities of both portable and stationary client applications.

Engineered Solutions (2)

Completely gathered sub-frameworks for Work, Propel, Steering and Auxiliary intended to convey steady execution and drive unrivaled dependability.


Eaton has more than a 75-year history of devotion to helping engineers create, work and keep up filtration items, and in addition cleanliness rehearses intended to help solid, excellent power and movement control frameworks.


Eaton fittings are fabricated to meet all SAE, DOT and other industry necessities utilizing top notch materials.

Hybrid Power

Eaton Hybrid Power Systems fundamentally decreases vehicle fuel utilization and outflows yield.

Hydraulic Hoses & Hose Fittings

For quite a long time Eaton has been an industry pioneer in growing new water driven hose arrangements.

Inching Drives (2)

Eaton Inching Drive Systems are the more secure, more straightforward, quicker arrangements


Eaton an industry pioneer in pressure driven engine innovation. Our broad innovation determination and wide assortment of accessible removals will enable you to meet the necessities of pretty much any application.

Plating Technology

Regardless of whether you work in oil and gas, development, farming, mining and metals, machine building, fabricating, transportation, — dampness, coarseness, salt splash and cruel conditions can rapidly trade off your hardware.

Power Units & Systems

In the course of the most recent 50 years, Eaton has given a huge number of proficient, dependable standard and custom power units fabricated for solid, savvy operation and greatest profitability in applications from process assembling to elective vitality.


With a far reaching scope of accessible elements and plan alternatives, Eaton pumps give both the execution and adaptability to meet the necessities of pretty much any application.


Our group of designers has one objective as a top priority: tackling effectiveness issues by giving the most inventive, top notch directing items at the best esteem.


This pump and engine bundle conveys exact, dependable and fantastically responsive single-lever control even in unforgiving applications.


To accomplish the most astounding execution in your pressure driven frameworks, each part is basic. That is the reason organizations everywhere throughout the world depend on Eaton Valves to give nonstop solid execution over the full range of uses.

Variable Speed Drive Pump Solutions (2)

A Variable Speed Drive Pump arrangement empowers huge vitality investment funds by joining a variable speed electric engine drive with pressure driven pumps.

Transportation Products (2)

For quite a long time, Eaton has conveyed designed hose gatherings and motor support items to portable substantial obligation applications.