Air Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes

Including good torque-to- estimate proportions and low-latency contact circle congregations, Eaton’s Airflex air-cooled plate grasps and brakes are intended to exceed expectations in an extensive variety of

Water-Cooled Brakes

Eaton Airflex has created four models of Water-Cooled Brakes with various propelled elements and attributes to meet the necessities of even the most serious applications.

Constricting Clutches & Brakes

Eaton’s programmed self cleaning channels and pipeline strainers shield your significant gear from trash.

Expanding Clutches & Brakes

Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches and Brakes are go-to answers for braking and tensioning applications, and come in four distinctive arrangement spreading over a scope of sizes and elements.

Torque Limiting Couplings

Airflex Torque Limiting Couplings (TLC) are the most recent answer for driveline control and security. Intended to withstand the torque spikes found in the most requesting utilizations of Variable Frequency Drives, with a notoriety of best in class dependability and quality, Airflex TLCs are next development of driveline wellbeing.

Combination Clutch n brake Packages

Highlighting a scope of paces, engagements and cycle sorts, Eaton Airflex AMCB, CBC, FSPA and DCB grip and brake bundles exceed expectations in an assortment of particular applications.

Caliper Disc Brakes

Built with restricted cylinder outlines and symmetrical split development, Eaton Airflex DP and DPA caliper circle brakes augment adaptability and help adjust braking execution.

Spring Applied Drum Brakes

Naturally captivating in case of pneumatic stress or power misfortune, Eaton Airflex Spring-Applied Drum Brakes are ideal matches for some direct speed, high-torque cyclic applications.

Quick Release Valves

Eaton Airflex Quick Release Valves (QRVs) are designed to consequently close upon pressurization and open when a weight drop happens—diminishing slack time to debilitate the framework.


Eaton Airflex Rotorseals exchange pressurized liquids from a stationary channel to a pivoting shaft end, giving individual control of parts mounted on a similar shaft, segment grease and dissemination of liquid frameworks.

Pneumatic Disc Clutch

The Eaton Airflex® Pneumatic Disk Clutch gives a tough, troublefree configuration to expand uptime at a small amount of the cost of focused plate grips.