• HPU Cage Tipper 30Ton

  • HPU Cage Tipper

  • HPU CMC System

  • HPU FFB Hopper Door

  • HPU Filter Press

  • HPU Fuel Moving Floor

  • HPU Fuel Moving Floor

  • HPU Indexer System

  • HPU Loading Ramp Twin System

  • HPU Screw Press APR

  • HPU Screw Press MAC

  • HPU Screw Press ACC

  • HPU Screw Press

  • HPU Spherical Sterilizer

  • HPU Sterilizer Door & Cantiliver Draw Bridge

  • HPU Sterilizer Door Control

  • HPU Transfer Carriage

  • HPU VS Internal Auger Drive

  • HPU Winch GM Motor

  • HPU & GM Motor Conveyor Drive

  • HPU & GM Motor Conveyor

  • HPU & Motor
    Conveyor Drive

  • HPU & Motor Winch Drum

  • HPU FFB Conveyor

  • HPU Screw Press


  • Pump ADU

  • Pump HD Series 1 Axial

  • Pump HD Transmission

  • Pump Hydrokraft

  • Pump MD Axial Piston

  • Pump Piston 350 Series

  • Pump Piston Hydrokraft PVXS

  • Pump Piston Hydrokraft

  • Pump Piston MD OpenC

  • Pump Piston PVE

  • Pump Piston PVH

  • Pump Piston PVM

  • Pump Piston PVQ

  • Pump PVH

  • Pump PVQ

  • Pump Vane Cartridge

  • Pump Vane V10

  • Pump Vane VQ

  • Pump Vane

  • Pump Z Transmission


  • Valve Catridge Valve IH

  • Valve Cetop 8

  • Valve CM80

  • Valve CMX

  • Valve DG4V Single Coil

  • Valve Directional Control

  • Valve Flange

  • Valve Flow Divider

  • Valve Pressure Control

  • Valve Proportinal

  • Valve Screw In IH

  • Valve Screw In SiCV Vicker

  • Valve Servo

  • Valve SiCV Vicker

  • Valve SystemStak


  • Motor Bent Axis

  • Motor ME Dowmax

  • Motor Steering

  • Motor Valve In Star

  • Motor Char Lynn


  • Accumulator


  • Cylinder Hydroline

  • Cylinder M3000

  • Cylinder W40

Filtration System

  • Filtration

  • Filter Spin

  • Filter Suction STR

  • Filter Vickers

  • Filter HS22

We supply a range of products to the palm oil industry (POM) such as Palm Oil Mill Hydraulic System and Palm Oil Mill Automation. Our products are manufactured by reputed brand name of manufacturers from various countries whereby each brand name is highly reputable in the making of such equipment of their specialization. The equipment and machinery such as hydraulic piston pump and hydraulic vane pump are manufactured are highly compatible to the long duration of its output capacity.

Our company as a motor supplier is engage in design, fabrication, installation, repairing and even refurbish equipment and machinery relating to palm oil mill process. Alongside with these, our company also offers power management solutions for the palm oil mill industry. Our areas of solutions offered are on power transmission (material handling), control (electrical and automation) and steam utilization (steam automation). We have qualified consultants who are skilled and knowledgeable in palm oil mill industry to train and educate our customers in these processes with the benefits of achieving greater efficiency and stability during the course of their productions.

Our company also supply genuine spare parts of milling machine to our customers. On top of that, we also help our customers to upgrade their current palm oil mill system for a better performance. Customers can also engaged our company in contractual service and maintenance program for the upkeep of their palm oil mill machinery and equipment. In terms of system installation and commissioning, our company also offers our service in this area by ensuring our customers a smooth flow and operations of their machinery.

The palm oil milling machinery and equipment should always be checked and maintain from time to time as to ensure its efficiency of output level. Therefore, our company is offering to our customers the preventive maintenance program to keep and enhance the output level of their milling machinery and equipment.

For any issues of malfunction on our customers’ existing machinery, we shall assist them in through our trouble shooting and maintenance solutions.

Novaflow Engineering Sdn Bhd ensures that we always provide the highest quality products and services to the palm oil mill industry in Malaysia.